Help - General

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How Catalog filters are used?  

When entering our Catalog, you will see a series of filtering options to help you make a more specific product search in GMIDOS.COM.

For a better experience we recommend a browser that supports JavaScript.

If you want to reduce the Product Catalog results for a single category or brand, select the tab that interests you. A list of categories or brands that we have in our store will open. When you select one of them, the results will be updated. With a selected category or brand, other filtering elements may be used to get a narrower filtering of your search and really find the product you are looking for.

When a filter is used a message indicating it appears.

You can search for the Title, Description or Reference number in the search box in the upper right corner of every page. Simply type one or more words and find products containing those words in it's title or description. You can also search by Product Reference number, if you know the product number already.

Prices filter will allow to filter the Catalog between a range of prices to find products that best suits you.

The Sort by... option allows to sort Catalog results in multiple ways. You can sort by:

  • Title (alphabetical)
  • Price
  • New products
  • Offers

¿How to buy?  

The steps to order in GMIDOS.COM are very simple.

Clicking on any product in the Catalog, will lead you to a page where you can see all the information relating to that product. On that page you will find some options:

  • Select Product size (only for products with sizes).
  • Change the amount you want for that product (default is 1).
  • Click on ADD TO CART.

In most pages you can see in the upper right corner your Shopping Cart. There you can see the number of products, the order total, a button to edit your Cart and another to Checkout.

Step 1

The edit Cart option will take you to a page where you can view information about the products added to your Shopping Cart with more detail, with the possibility of modifying the quantities of each product or delete individual products without completely emptying your Cart. Once you have added the necessary products to your cart, the next step is to Checkout your order.

Step 2

In this second step of the buying process you will see a summary of your order and a series of panels that we describe below.

Account info

  • If you have an account with us and your are already logged in, you will see the email account to which the order is associated.
  • If you have not logged in you will see a form field where you have to enter your email. If the email is recognized as an existing user of GMIDOS.COM, you will have the opportunity to enter your password to log in directly from there and link the order to your account.
  • If the email is not recognized don't worry, once you finish your order an account will be created for you automatically associated with that email.

Shipping information
You need to fill all data marked as required (*).

  • Full Name: Enter your full name for the shipment of the order.
  • Address 1/2: Enter your address in the first field. If your address is too long you can continue it in the second field.
  • Province: Select your province for the shipment of the order.
  • City: Enter the full name of your city.
  • Postal Code: Enter the zip code of your city.
  • Region: In some countries it is needed to select the region.

Billing information
You can bill your order to a different address than the shipping address. If instead the billing info is the same as the shipping info, you can save the re-write activating the "My Billing info is the same as my Shipping info" option.

Shipping service
Choose the shipping service you want to send you your order. Depending on your Province and Country, you have more or less options to choose from.

Contact phone
Your phone number is required by the Shipping courier to contact you in case there's a problem with the package delivery.

Your DNI number is also required by the Shipping courier for some Provinces or Regions.

Step 3

After clicking the Continue button you will enter a page that represents the last step before making the purchase payment. On this page you can see the final summary of your order with billing and shipping information and a series of panels that we describe below.

G Points discounts
In this panel you can make use of the G Points that you have accumulated in previous orders to generate a discount on the current purchase. This panel will indicate how many points are available and you can use them all, part or none if you want to continue accumulating them for future use. Remember that G Points do not expire.

Payment methods
Here you can choose between one or more payment methods for your Country.

In this space you can give to the Shipping courier any message about the current order. For example, your ideal order delivery schedule.

Subscription to our Newsletter
This service is totally optional. If you choose to subscribe to our Newsletter we will send you a monthly email with offers and information about new products that perhaps may be of your interest.

Step 4

Payment gateway
In this last step you will have to fill in your card details and if everything is correct we will send your order waiting for it to be of your liking.

What are G Points?  

In every order made in GMIDOS.COM you will receive an amount of G Points.

These points are redeemable for cash to use as discounts on future orders in the Step 3 of the Checkout.

You can see how much G Points you have in your User Account page.

Payment Methods and Shipping Costs  

We use as our payment method PayPal/Credit Card.

You don't need to have a PayPal account (although registration is free) to use this payment method. You will have the option to pay by credit card as guest of PayPal.

If you already have an account, you can access your user name and password. Once validated access, PayPal will ask for payment confirmation. The whole operation will be performed within a 100% secure environment controlled by PayPal, and all information you provide will be encrypted for complete confidentiality.

Once the payment is authorized, you will be returned to GMIDOS.COM were we will confirm the end of the purchase and the start of the submission process.

As required by the Spanish law a VAT of 21% on all products except consumables and books, 10% and 4% respectively, will be applied.

On your profile page you can examine each placed order and in what state. When the order gets to completed state, you will have the option to view the online bill for that order, from where you can also print it.

Delivery times and Shipping Costs

In the process of buying online the shipping are automatically calculated in real time, so you can see the total amount of your purchase. This calculation is performed based on the destination. Shipping destination affects the price according to the rates for the logistics operators or post offices we work with.

The times given below are transport times and not checkout times.

  • Spanish peninsula: 1-2 business days.
  • Balearic Islands: 2 business days.
  • Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 7-10 business days.

100% Secure Payment  

At the very moment you enter GMIDOS.COM you will be protected by a 100 % secure connection.

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed from the moment you provide some personal information. We use the EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer), the standard highest level of security available today for secure web applications with 256-bit encryption algorithms.

Finally, when you make your purchase it will be made through the Paypal secure payment gateway.

For all this we maintain, from the beginning to the completion of your purchase, a complete secure structure.

Fast delivery  

Orders are processed in strict order of arrival.

All orders placed before 17:00h (CET) are issued on the same day, ensuring the output of the package as soon as possible by the courier, so in most cases it will take to arrive less than 24 hours (depending on destination).

Keep in mind that no packages are delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays so that orders received on Friday are delivered on the next Monday, and those made on Saturday and Sunday are delivered on the next Tuesday.

Orders to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla may take a little longer, between 7 and 10 days. Monitoring can make it through the Correos website. If after the deadline you have not received the order, please contact us indicating your details and order number. The courier may have trouble finding your address or has tried to make the delivery when no one was at home.

Orders to the Canary Islands are made solely by Correos due to the difference in tax regimes (IVA-IGIC) package must pass customs clearance. Correos takes care of the whole process at a very competitive price.

The courier delivers during working hours from 9:00h to 20:00h.

If the courier can not find you at home, they will leave a notice of what has happened in your phone number. So you can contact directly with them to arrange a new delivery date during business hours or to move to pick up your order at your nearest office.

If you want you can buy and ask us to send the order to the address of a relative or friend. The purchase process first will ask for your identification data as a buyer and then the delivery data. Indicate there where you want to deliver the order.

We are open to all kinds of special requests. If indicated, we can deliver the order to the doorman if you are absent or schedule the delivery on a particular day. To do so, please indicate clearly in the Comment box available at the end of the process.

Superdiscreete Package  

In GMIDOS.COM we are particularly concerned to ensure the confidentiality of our customers, so we have a totally discreet Shipping Service.

Our packages are taken directly from our distributors to the central post office and shipping agencies.

For the shipping we use anonymous brown cardboard boxes with a special adhesive seal without brand, only has an address and an internal number, required by the post office, along with a label with the user details.

There's NO reference to GMIDOS.COM, erotic articles, package contents or other data that could compromise you.

Returns and exchanges  


The exchange of defective and incorrect shipments is allowed within 15 days from the date of delivery, being GMIDOS.COM the one who will take care of the shipping costs, solely and exclusively if sent in it's original packaging and without obvious signs of use/handling. Otherwise, the exchange will not be accepted. It's the client responsibility to ensure that these conditions are met.

To do this you must LOGIN and enter the MY ACCOUNT page were you will find a table with all of your orders made with us. In each of the orders falling within the abovementioned delivery days you will find a Manage RMA button. You must press that button and fill the corresponding form.

Once we process your request, we will send you by email the label to manage shipments. You just have to stick the label on the outside of the package and place it in the mail. Once we recieve the package, the exchange will be managed. If once recieved and reviewed we confirm that it presents a manufacturing defect or the shipment is wrong, the correct package will be sent to you. This operation has no cost to the customer.

If once recieved and reviewed the package doesn't present any manufacturing defect or wrong shipment you may recieve the same package upon payment of all shipping costs that have been generated or you may recieve a refund minus all shipping costs that have been generated as long as the items have been returned in the conditions required in the MANAGE RETURN section.


The return of articles that have not been used or manipulated will also be accepted because of change of opinion, provided they are returned in their original packaging and warranty seal (if present) both intacts, having a period of 30 days from the date of delivery. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted. It's the client responsibility to ensure that these conditions are met.

To exercise this right you must LOGIN and enter the MY ACCOUNT page were you will find a table with all of your orders made with us. In each of the orders falling within the abovementioned delivery days you will find a Manage Return button. You must press that button and fill the corresponding form.

Once we process your request, we will send you by email a note that you will have to print and put inside the package. Then you will have to send the package to PO Box, 325, 46870 Onteniente, Valencia, dealing the customer with the shipping costs that could cause. Once we recieve the package, the return will be managed.

If once recieved and reviewed the package doesn't follow the acceptable characteristics mentioned in this section, you may recieve the same package upon payment of all shipping costs that have been generated.

Is there a warranty for products?  

Products are guaranteed for 2 years, but the handling of it will depend on the policy of each manufacturer.

We are not responsible for defects caused by misuse.