How Catalog filters are used?

When entering our Catalog, you will see a series of filtering options to help you make a more specific product search in GMIDOS.COM.

For a better experience we recommend a browser that supports JavaScript.

If you want to reduce the Product Catalog results for a single category or brand, select the tab that interests you. A list of categories or brands that we have in our store will open. When you select one of them, the results will be updated. With a selected category or brand, other filtering elements may be used to get a narrower filtering of your search and really find the product you are looking for.

When a filter is used a message indicating it appears.

You can search for the Title, Description or Reference number in the search box in the upper right corner of every page. Simply type one or more words and find products containing those words in it's title or description. You can also search by Product Reference number, if you know the product number already.

Prices filter will allow to filter the Catalog between a range of prices to find products that best suits you.

The Sort by... option allows to sort Catalog results in multiple ways. You can sort by:

  • Title (alphabetical)
  • Price
  • New products
  • Offers