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Classic vibrators are the most common and popular sex toys, because they are the simplest and easier to use. In GMIDOS.COM you can choose between a wide variety of options and prices, and you'll find classic vibrators from the best brands, with plenty of shapes and a wide range of materials and colors.

Vibrators were created at the end of the XIX century as therapeutic tools with the aim of curing "Female hysteria", a disease diagnosed in the western medicine era that considered repressed sexual desire in women as a disease. This allowed for more progress in the study of female masturbation and in the design of the most popular sex toy today.

It is the perfect toy for beginners, since they tend not to include many features, just a vibration motor. Thanks to the simplicity of these toys, the price is quite affordable and are available to the enjoyment of all pockets... for sure among them you can find the perfect vibrator for you.

In our catalog you can find classic vibrators in different shapes. Those that have phallic shape without being realistic at all and those that have respected the form of a vibrating bullet, with straight lines and smooth designs, although they may have more ergonomic slight variations for the woman's body or even different textures that will shock your senses.

Sizes can range from 10 to 20 cm, so you can choose a size that you find comfortable and easy to use. Think of the size, both width and length, before choosing one. Classic mini vibrators are an option that can be very interesting, because they can be carried discreetly in your bag or even in a pocket of your trousers.

You'll find classic vibrators of multitude of colors, most of them with solid colors, but many of them have very funny color variations. In our experience, we can say that the most popular colors are black and pink, but your imagination is your limit.

Classic vibrating bullet type vibrators tend to be made of more rigid plastic materials, which are very good for the propagation of vibrations that allow to reach the most remote areas such as the clitoris, but do not have that smoothness or a quick adaptation to the body temperature. Instead those with phallic shape tend to be made of more flexible materials like soft silicone or gelatin like that adapt to body temperature quickly, but their propagation of vibration may not be as good. If you are still starting on the use of these devices we recommend more flexible materials like gelatin.

Lubricate your vibrator for more pleasurable stimulation, but always use lubricants which composition is compatible with the material of their manufacture. For example classic silicone vibrators support only water based lubricants, so it is not recommended the use of silicone based lubricants because over time they can damage the material. You can find a variety of lubricants in our Erotic Cosmetics section.

It is of great importance that you clean this type of sex toys and we always recommend to do so before and after use. You can clean your classic vibrator with soap and warm water, but the most advisable way to completely eliminate bacteria and fungi is to do it with a special cleaner for sex toys that you can find in our cleaning and conservation section, some of them do not need to be cleared up and you can also use them for intimate hygiene.